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about Me

Kimberley Hinton, LMT

Neuromuscular Therapist



As a professional actress, singer and dancer I had personally experienced and enjoyed the benefits of this form of treatment on numerous occasions. I knew that it was invaluable for alleviating pain and I was stunned by how it had enabled me to get back to work in days rather than weeks.  I became fascinated by these techniques, so much so that I was determined to study them myself.


I graduated with honors from Allied Health Institute with a diploma in Massage Therapy. After earning my massage therapy license I received intensive 'one on one' training for two years working with a 60-year, former NFL veteran of this craft. During this two-year period I received invaluable, highly specialized additional training and hands-on experience, treating over 800 clients with a multitude of varied, painful injuries and complaints. Among the clients I personally treated was a competitor in the 2012 Olympic Games.  I am now thrilled to be able to offer my services to clients in my own practice and serve the local community with this non-invasive, drug-free and most effective form of injury and pain treatment.

Therapeutic Philosophy


  • My goal is to bring maximum relief from pain and injury in as few appointments as possible.

  • I don't believe in seeing you 3 times a week for the rest of your life.  I want you to get back to your life and activities as soon as possible. However, some clients do choose to come on a regular basis for 'maintenance'. This helps to prevent repeat injuries caused from repetitive motion and strain.

  • My treatments are affordable and made more so by avoiding the need for multiple ongoing visits.

  • If I believe I am unable to help you, I will suggest you seek appropriate alternative or medical advice.

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