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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can benefit from neuromuscular therapy?
    Quite simply, everyone. If you are exeperiencing acute or chronic pain, neuromuscular therapy can help you. Most of the pain people experience comes from tight, constricted, over-worked muscles due to repetative tasks or an acute injury. I always say 'start small and work the muscles first'. Very often the pain can be alleivated in a short amount of time by addressing the muscular issues.
  • How long before I feel better?
    Every person and every injury is different. How quickly you heal from an injury largely depends on you. If you follow my instructions for icing and exercises you will heal a lot faster than if you do nothing at all. Movement is a key factor in recovery. I will demonstrate simple exercises designed to address your specific problem. These exercises are crucial in aiding and sustaining an effective and lasting recovery. Movement keeps the blood flowing to the injury which, in turn, allows the body to heal itself. Whilst significant improvement may be experieced after just one visit, a follow-up treatment, about a week after the first tends to deliver more effective results in the long term and helps prevent a recurrence. In some cases, clients may feel worse immediately following a treatment. This is quite normal. Gradual improvement is generally experienced with clients reporting significant relief from their original problem after just a few days. In cases where the cause of the pain is very deep rooted, some clients report feeling only marginally better after the first treatment. However, after the second or third treatment the peripheral affected muscles have usually been relaxed and 'freed up' to such an extent that I am able to get much deeper into the tissues thus, allowing me far greater access to the real, offending area. Following this, healing and relief is generally very significant. Injuries and problems that are recent tend to heal faster than those that have been present for months or years. An injury that has been there for several months will almost certainly require a few sessions before really effective relief is experienced.
  • Do I need to come back again?
    I don't believe in multiple unecessary appointments, however, I do believe in listening to and being 'in-tune' with your body. Once I have seen you give it a week. This allows my work to settle and your body to start healing with the assistance of ice and exercises. If after a week you are still feeling a bit of pain, come in again. If you're feeling great, come back when you need me. If I have seen you 2 to 3 times for the same thing in a short period of time (week intervals) and you get absolutely NO relief, I am not the person to help you.
  • Can I upgrade to 60 minutes?
    I only book 30 minute appointments because the nature of what I do can be painful. I'm working only in specific areas of the body. If you spent too much time, it is counterproductive to healing. You may think you feel better because of endorphines which have been released but in actuality too much work can make things worse as you are aggravating tissue that is already aggravated.
  • How can I prevent this from happening again?
    The truth is, preventing occasional injuries is almost impossible. It's life. However, you can take very effective steps to ensure your body is in the best possible condition so that the effects of any injury may not be as severe and recovery more rapid. The best remedy is proper nutrition and regular exercise. As we age we naturally lose muscle mass and bone density. It is imperative to be active and build muscle with weight training of some sort. Strong muscles build strong bones which allows greater mobility and less pain. Benefits of Regular Exercise • Increased Energy • Weight Management • Healthy Heart • Healthy Brain • Combats Diseases • Improves Mood • Promotes Better Sleep • Reverses Effects of Stress Benefits of Proper Nutrition • Increased Energy • Weight Management • Healthy Heart • Healthy Brain • Reduced Diabetes Risk • Bone and Teeth Strength • Reduced Inflammation • Increased immunity
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